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"Smirks Is The Importer"

Dried Fruits,Nuts, Seeds and Food Ingredients

Smirks imports more than 100 different food ingredients directly from farmers and processors around the world. We verify and qualify our suppliers through third party audits and food safety certifications to guarantee the safety and integrity of our products and ensure the highest quality. Offering conventional, Organic and Kosher ingredients from our warehouses in Los Angeles, Denver and New Jersey, we have what you are looking for!

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From Organic Walnuts imported from Moldova and Romania to Brazilian and Ivory Coast Cashews, our team scours the globe to ensure that we have the highest quality nuts for our customers’ needs.

Ancient Grains

These grains have been grown and harvested for thousands of years and with our team we bring them within your reach. Smirks has direct partnerships with farmers in Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, India and Peru to provide the most reliable and competitive prices on these popular items.


Seeds are an important ingredient or standalone snack item that can be found in countless food products. Smirks connections with our farmers and processing companies in the USA, Canada, China, Bulgaria, and Holland allow us to sources a variety of seeds of different qualities and price points from across the globe.


Smirks has spent many years researching and developing strategic relationships with Coconut suppliers in the Philippines and Sri Lanka to provide our customers with every coconut product available. By having partnerships in Sri Lanka and the Philippines, we are able to ensure stability in our supply chain and reduce the volatility in pricing. We offer spot and contract pricing for all Coconut products.

Dried Fruits

Whether you need a honey dipped banana chip or a wild blueberry, Smirks has partnered with fruit growers around the world to offer a variety of Dried fruits. From Philippine Mango, to Peruvian Golden Berries, we have the Dried fruit you are looking for!