Why Our Partners Love Working With Us

  • Simplified, responsible production.

    We make it easy for you to live your companys values. Were fully committed to a sustainable, responsible supply chain.  Were not only in compliance with FSMA and sourcing from GFSI (or equivalent) certified facilities, we can get you Organic, Non-GMO and Kosher ingredients. A selection of FairTrade and Gluten Free tested products are also available.

  • Just-in-time sourcing.

    Working under shorter delivery times? Weve got your back. Brands are trying to keep costs down, often putting pressure on you to have a lean, fast supply chain. Well keep ingredients close in one of our four warehouses across the United States so everything is ready for production day - without having to keep thousands of dollars of supplies on hand.

  • Global ingredients, local to you.

    We travel the world to partner with a reliable network of suppliers. We seek partners with a focus on sustainability and when possible, we support family-owned, farms and businesses. We procure our ingredients directly from the source. This not only ensures quality control, safety, sustainability and consistency, it helps us make sure we deliver on all our commitments. Because reliability is about getting you what you need, when you need it.

  • Flexibility to meet all your clients’ needs.

    Whether youre looking for gluten-free flour to create batches of cookies, or packaging meal kits with packets of flour, we can help. We can add value by roasting, grinding, sterilizing, recleaning or repackaging any of our products.

  • Worry-free sourcing.

    With more than 13 years in the business of importing and distributing industrial natural ingredients, weve come across all sorts of challenges - from food crazes that pump up demand, to natural disasters and global crises. Our experienced problem-solvers can help you with scenario planning and sourcing concerns.

  • Trusted partners.

    Were a family-owned company and have been building relationships worldwide with like-minded suppliers, farms, co-packers, manufacturers and customers for more than a decade. Were focused on partnerships not just with those we sell to, but also with our suppliers. We treat our manufacturing partners right. Because the only way you can guarantee your ingredients is to make sure you can rely on your supplier.

  • Financial support.

    Need help forecasting or pricing? We source many of our ingredients from multiple countries and areas of the world. This helps keep our pricing down and reduces price volatility from shortages. For qualified customers, we also offer payment terms. Ask us about setting up terms.

  • An endless pantry.

    If we dont stock it, were confident we could. If you dont see what you want, ask us. Chances are, we can get it for you.