Why Work With Us

Our Story

Smirk’s started as a small offshoot of a family business, supplying high quality, sustainably sourced coconut products. When our customers began to ask for other ingredients, we looked for ways to supply them in a sustainable, responsible way.

Although both our team and our supply list have expanded exponentially since our foundation in 2007, we strive to maintain the same close relationship with our partners throughout the supply chain. From the farmers who grow our products, the logistics teams that move them, the workers who pack them, all the way to the customers who use them, we truly value the people who work with us. At Smirk’s, you’re never just a number, you’re part of a collaborative partnership that seeks to deliver the best in value, quality, and ethical sustainability for everyone.

When you need a flexible supplier that can deliver, no matter what is happening in the world, we navigate effectively. You need to ensure that supplies arrive so your distribution continues to flow, and we can help. Our close partnerships make it possible to deliver what you need, when you need it, regardless of the global situation.

As in any good partnership, it’s important that we be transparent about the values that guide us. These are the values that drive our operations at all times:

Our Values

  • Sustainability

    Not only are Smirk’s ingredients certified organic, we have personally selected our suppliers to ensure that they meet our company’s ethical standards. We work with our suppliers on an ongoing basis to ensure those standards are maintained.

  • Quality

    We are committed to providing our customers with premium natural ingredients. We carefully source all of our products to ensure the highest quality while maintaining our sustainability commitments.

  • Consistency

    Our dedicated quality assurance department works transparently with our customers to ensure compliance with FSMA and GFSI standards at all times.

  • Relationships

    We pride ourselves on forging close relationships with all of our business partners. We deal with people, not sales targets.

  • Education

    Information helps everyone. We help our partners make important business decisions by keeping them informed on what’s going on behind the numbers.

  • Our Partners

    As an importer and industrial wholesaler, Smirk’s works with a network of business partners who share our dedication to quality and sustainability, including brands you see on the shelf at every market.

  • Our Commitment

    If we had to boil it down to a single line, it would be this: Smirk’s delivers value, certification, sustainability, and quality, with the personal touch of a family business.

From Field to Market

Every product has a unique story of the farm, the family, the region where it is grown and cultivated. Join us on the journey from global to local.

Why CoPackers & Manufacturers Love Us

As a trusted partner, we make it easy for you to live your company's values. From our responsible production to our reliable network of family-owned farms, and worry-free sourcing.