Our Product, Your Label

  • Why Go Private-Label with Smirks?

    Smirks isn’t just a global importer of certified organic ingredients. We partner with merchants to create high-grade, private-label products.

  • Increase your profit margin on your most popular products.

    You know what your customers love. Why not offer them their favorites at a more reasonable price? You’ll increase your profit margin, while associating your brand with everything they crave.

  • Inspire customer loyalty.

    Who doesn’t want a one-stop shop that shares their values and offers them the best price on their household staples? From certified Organic, Non-GMO to Kosher products, we’ll help you navigate the shift into private label and follow the food trends your customers demand.

  • Offer the same high-quality ingredients as the big brands.

    Surprise your customers with the exact same high-quality ingredients Smirks supplies for many popular brands. Our ingredients are so reliably fresh, they’re addictive. We’ll make your private-label products sing. Try a sample.

  • Partner with an experienced, reliable supplier.

    We’ve developed our supply chain to mitigate the unexpected, from border closings, to foul weather, to crop failures, sanctions, or even a global pandemic. We not only have deep relationships with our suppliers, we intentionally diversified our supply chain to be more reliable. Tap our more than 13 years of experience.

  • Leverage our network and insider knowledge.

    We’ll help match your project with our ideal manufacturer and packing partner, whether you need retail packaged at origin, or you want to blend or add value in a U.S. facility. Choose from a variety of turnkey private label options that have been vigorously vetted for GFSI or the equivalent certifications.