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About Us

Founded in 2007 as a family owned company, Smirk’s is a leader in the Natural Food Ingredient Industry. Smirk’s is an importer, exporter and wholesaler of Organic and Natural Food Ingredients. We specialize in procuring our ingredients direct from source around the globe while monitoring food safety and sustainability. Smirk’s is based in Fort Morgan, Colorado and has warehouses in Kearny, NJ, Los Angeles, CA and Denver, CO. Our procurement team works with Nuts, Dried Fruits, Seeds, Coconut Products, Grains, Starches, Sweeteners and Oils. Smirk’s also has the ability to value add to any of our ingredients to meet our customer’s demands. Some of the added services are roasting, grinding, sterilization, recleaning, and repacking of all our products. We continue to invest in our Quality team and our full time Quality department works transparently with our customers to keep all food safety and quality documentation up to date and in compliance with FSMA and GFSI requirements. Please contact our team with any of your procurement needs, big or small.

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